INTERVIEW: Giuliana Rancic Reveals Beauty & Fitness Secrets

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INTERVIEW: El DeBarge Reveals New Music From Second Chance With Karen Vaughn

El DeBarge stopped by The Karen Vaughn Show with a special gift to Cleveland listeners. A sneak peek of his new CD, “Second Chance” before it hits stores on November 30th. Listen to a few

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Interview: Rapper Xzibit Goes From Pimping Cars To Pimping Houses

Karen speaks exclusively with rapper Xzibit, co-host of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Continue reading “Interview: Rapper Xzibit Goes From Pimping Cars To Pimping Houses”

INTERVIEW: Anthony Hamilton Kicks Off Budweiser Superfest In Cleveland

Anthony Hamilton stopped by the Karen Vaughn Show before he hit the stage at the Budweiser Superfest. <a href="

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