INTERVIEW: Giuliana Rancic Reveals Beauty & Fitness Secrets

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Giuliana Rancic is a fearless Working Divas who always puts her best foot and face forward on the red carpet and in front of the camera. She checked in the Karen Vaughn Show to reveal the beauty secrets of the stars and how to stay fit and fab. You’ll LOVE these tips. Let’s step up our game ladies.

Perfect Skin: Get flawless-natural looking skin, like Hollywood’s elite, with the DDF Microdermabrasion 400x. Available at Sephora and online at Use it twice a week and watch your skin go from dull to radiant in 12 weeks. Giuliana hit the red carpet at the Oscars without foundation. Doesn’t she look gorgeous! (Thanks for the hook-up Giuliana! She sent me my own DDF 400X…12 weeks and counting to perfect skin.)

Oscar Fashions: Giuliana and Karen both had the same top Oscar fashion picks. Mandy More in Monique Lhuillier and Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein. Honorable mentions: Halle Berry in Marchesa and Jennifer Hudson in Versace.

Fitness Finesse: A 30 minute treadmill workout… but give it the ‘Giuliana’ twist. Rotate walking for two minutes and running for two minutes. It’s a better workout than a 60-minute walk because you’ll burn more calories. (Yeah) Spring is around the corner my friend. When you take off the extra layer of clothing you want to be tight in all the right places.

Facebook Photo Ready: Before you click know your good side.  Take a picture of the left side of your face and then the right side of your face. Review and determine your “Good” side. Now as you take pictures for your profile page or family portrait…you’ll put your best face (side) forward!  Also, pull your shoulders back while posing…it gives you beautiful posture and makes you look like a strong powerful Working Diva.

For more Fashion and Fitness tips check out Giuliana’s website Click to Karen and Giuliana.