Interview: LisaRaye’s 5 Tips For New Beginnings

Last year, actress and former First Lady, LisaRaye McCoy, was going through a divorce and trying to get back in Hollywood. Well, this year, she is back and in control. With Season 2 of LisaRaye The Real McCoy underway, she is ambitious and determined more than ever to succeed in love and growth: personal and spiritual.

So much is coming her way and seems to be moving in the right direction. From her new jean line to managing her daughter Kai’s modeling career, and rebranding her own career, LisaRaye is untouchable. But with so much looking positive, will LisaRaye be able to handle it all, from the laughter to the drama, and not break under pressure? Watch season two on TVOne every Thursday at 9pm(ET).

Need Change? Here are LisaRaye’s 5 Tips for New Beginnings.

  1. Evolving from experiences and life challenges
  2. Opening up to God and humble yourself to sit-down and refocus
  3. Discover your purpose in life
  4. Rebrand and reinvent your career
  5. Nurture relationships with love and support