Karen Gets 20/20 At Sears Optical #Sponsored

 Karen Gets 20/20 At Sears Optical #Sponsored

Let me be honest. It’s been over a year since I have had an eye exam. Thank goodness for Sears Optical. The last year has spun by like a quick ride on the tea cups at Disney World. Luckily, I will be able to see all the wonders and magic of the world with my new glasses and sunglasses from Sears Optical.

AJ and Amy 1024x764 Karen Gets 20/20 At Sears Optical #Sponsored 

From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease as AJ and Amy greeted me and gave me a tour of all the lenses, which relaxed me before my exam. Once in the exam room I was a bit nervous because it had been so long since my last eye exam. (please don’t tell mom, she will kill me) Dr. Josephine Kosunick was kind, gentle and all business. Which I loved. All in all, my eyes were healthy! Yeah! Now it was time for the fun part. Picking out my glasses and sunglasses. #Whoop Whoop.

First up, my everyday glasses. I chose Apostrophe. I loved how light they felt on my face and the white decorative frames looked great against my skin. My search for prescription sunglasses wasn’t as easy. We had a tie between Ray Ban and Sydney Love frames. So I didn’t what a super tech social networking chic would do….I took to twitter! My loyal listeners and friends voted for their favorite frames via my pictures. Two hundred views later….the Ray Ban “Jackie Ohh” lenses won. Thank you guys!

You can have just as much fun as I had at Sears Optical picking out your frames because right now they have a great offer. 2 pair of glasses for 98.99. Find more details at http://www.SearsOptical.com.

View some of the pictures from my day at Sears Optical on Ridge Road in Brooklyn, OH.