Power Thought: I CAN!

i can

This message takes me back to the first day of Cheerleading try-outs in high school. My coach Kathy Cavanaugh instilled in us, “NEVER say Can’t.” It was like Debbie Allen saying, “You want FAME? Well FAME costs and right here is where you start paying.” I knew she was SERIOUS! You CAN point your toes harder, That was good but, you CAN make your arms straighter, you CAN get an A in English Lit. (I didn’t but I tried) To this day, can’t is a word I just will not accept from myself or any one else in my circle. When you hit a road block, find another way around it. When you face times of struggle, persevere. When you have to make a change in an instant, have a sense of urgency. Always take on the challenge and CAN yourself to VICTORY.


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