#SheDidThat: Beyonce Slaying and Paying Homage to Those in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Other Caribbean Islands

By Dymond Alexis

What can’t Beyonce do? She has been slaying effortlessly reviving Fila, rocking Tom Ford and more on Instagram. She has gifted followers a chance to check out her vibrant wardrobe and one thing I can say is, #SheDidThat.

Yesterday Queen Bey released a remix for J.Balvin and Willy William’s “Mi Gente” and is giving ALL of her proceeds to Puerto Rico, Mexico and other Caribbean areas affected by the hurricane. Good deed Queen Bey!

I love how she is doing everything she can to promote awareness to those affected and looking cute as well.

Listen to Beyonce’s remix of “Mi Gente” and to support head to Beyonce.com and donate to the relief.